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Golf Tryout Information and Day 1 Tee Times

By Athletic Department, 07/29/20, 7:30PM EDT


Tryouts begin on August 1 for the Golf Cats.

Tee Times and Critical Information for the 2020 Saint Ignatius Tryout Process is below.

Please contact PJ Myers (, Tom Beach (, Tom Bogen (, and Bob Koch ( with any questions.

Special Procedures Due to Current COVID Pandemic Outlined Below. Please Read! (items are subject to change, please check the website daily for new information). Day 1 of tryouts is on Saturday, August 1 at Pine Hills Golf Course.

  • PRE-TRYOUT APP SCREENING PROCESS: Each Student-Athlete Registered for Tryouts will need to create a profile on the TeamBuildr App available for iOS and Android. Please have them register with the join code and password below. Once in the app, they will need to complete their profile and a pre-screening questionnaire. The last question of the pre-screening questionnaire (located in the daily calendar portion of the app) will be to take the player's temperature before the round. Please do this on each day of the tryout and post it to the TeamBuildr app before the athlete leaves home.
  • JOIN CODE:           KXO8-1MR5
  • PASSCODE:           FDLMDKGH
  • Please show up no earlier than 20 minutes before your tee time and report directly to the Saint Ignatius Check-In Table. You will have your temperature taken immediately onsite.
  • Please wear a mask from the time you exit your vehicle until the time you complete the check in process. Masks may be required in certain high traffic areas outdoors (such as putting greens). Masks must be worn inside of the clubhouse at all times. Feel free to wear a mask outdoors even when not required.
  • Once the check in process is completed, players will be permitted inside to pay for their round of golf. Pine Hills has extended a rate of $35 so please plan accordingly. Again, masks are required inside of the clubhouse at all times.
  • To limit the number of players congregating and to enhance social distancing, access to the driving range and short game areas will NOT be permitted. The only exception to this will be access to the putting green. The putting green will be accessible but only once your temperature is taken at the check in table. Once your temperature is validated, you will be permitted access to the putting green.
  • The driving range will be closed to all players so please prepare and warm up at a separate location before the round!
  • Absolutely no spectators are allowed including parents. Please drop your player off 20mins before their tee time and plan to pick them up roughly 4hrs after their round. We ask parents or providers of transportation to stay in their vehicles in the parking lot and not congregate in the clubhouse or practice areas.
  • Please print out a copy of the scorecard before your round and bring it with you…
  • Absolutely no touching of the flag stick. Flagstick must be left in the hole.
  • No touching of rakes inside of bunkers. Please be courteous and fix any bunker footprints with your foot only after your shot is played. More information regarding local rules regarding bunker play will be provided at the tryout site on the first tee.
  • Water will not be available in water coolers on the course. Please plan accordingly. Water and sports drinks will be available inside of the clubhouse for purchase.
  • No shaking hands, please use verbal means of communication to greet fellow players and coaches.
  • Once scorecards are signed, players must go directly to the parking lot to their vehicles. Please be ready to pick your son up directly after their round of golf to maintain player safety. No player should have to wait for transportation after their round. Parents please plan accordingly and stay in touch with your son on timing.
  • Player safety and health is of the utmost importance. Failure to comply with the above rules will be subject to review by the coaching staff and may result in potential elimination from the tryout.

Tryout Qualification Process and Details:

Day 1:

  • Players will compete from the Blue Tees at Pine Hills at roughly 6,700yds.
  • Please keep your own score as well as the others in the group.
  • After your round, your playing group will be greeted by a coach between the 18th green and the practice putting green. Scores will be confirmed directly after the round. Again, players are asked to proceed directly to their transportation post-round and cannot congregate at the golf course.
  • All players must adhere to the USGA rules of golf. Any local rules will be outlined on the first tee prior to tee off.!ruletype=pe&section=rule&rulenum=1
  • Tee Times for Sunday’s Round 2 at Pine Hills will be posted to the St. Ignatius Golf Team page directly after all play is completed on Saturday.  If the player does not see their name on the day 2 tee time list, they will not be moving on with the tryout process.
  • Again, players not seeing their name on the Day 2 Tryout Tee Time list will not be moving forward in the qualification process.
  • 18 total players will make one of 3 rosters including 1 JV Team and 2 Varsity Level Teams. All roster decisions made will be at the discretion of the coaching staff and shared with the players after the tryout process is complete.

*All Exempt players were notified of their status after the 2019 season in the fall and will retain a spot on the Varsity Prep Team.

Tee Times:


Andrew Martin


MJ Myers


Michael O'Leary



Liam Doyle


Connor Malicki


Sean Hoagland



Michael Van Etten


Dominic Pilla


John Thompson



Topher Reed


Chris Aerni


Tyler ove



Nick Longano


Julian Dugan


Bradley Chill Jr.



Giancarlo Fricano


Nick Piesen


Ethan Hughes



Andrew Gus


Connor Keefe


JR Leedy



Harshil Tutukuri


Luke Leedy


Dominic Polito



Will Kelly


Brady Campbell


Frank Adamo



Chris Kikel


Charlie Medvin


Artie Reginelli



Jesse Reed


Nylan Thompson