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Golf Tryout Tee Times

By Athletic Department, 07/28/19, 2:30PM EDT


Golf tryouts are this week! See below for the tee times for Thursday, August 1. With questions, contact the Athletic Department at 216-651-0222 x224 or

Tee Time: First Name Last Name Class
8:30 Andrew Kaye Senior
8:30 Connor Warns Senior
8:30 Jess Saunders Senior
8:40 Ross Williamson Senior
8:40 Andrew Martin Junior
8:40 Sean White Junior
8:50 Topher Reed Sophomore
8:50 William Doyle Junior
8:50 Michael Van Etten Sophomore
9:00 MJ Myers Sophomore
9:00 Zach Hazard Senior
9:00 Braden Hildtich Freshman
9:10 John Thompson Freshman
9:10 Nicholas Piesen Freshman
9:10 Connor Malicki Freshman
9:20 Domenic Pilla Sophomore
9:20 Dominic Polito Sophomore
9:20 Tyler Ove Sophomore
9:30 Charlie Steven Freshman
9:30 Ethan Hughes Freshman
9:30 Anthony Grossi Freshman
9:40 Jack Hudec Sophomore
9:40 Harshil Tutukuri Freshman
9:40 JR Leedy Sophomore
9:50 Ben Nadzam Freshman
9:50 Charlie Medvin Freshman
9:50 Michael O’Leary Freshman
10:00 Luke Leedy Freshman
10:00 Jacob Boeringher Sophomore
10:10 Connor Keefe Sophomore
10:10 Artie Reginelli Freshman
  Nick Longano Junior


Thursday, August 1st: @ Pine Hills Golf Club, Hinkley, OH (

Friday, August 2nd: Morning Tee Times starting at 7am @ Avon Oaks Country Club, Avon, OH (

Saturday, August 3rd: Tee Times beginning at 2pm @ Elyria Country Club