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Dr. Gallagher Report: The District Champs

By Dr. Michael Gallagher '71, 10/22/18, 12:15PM EDT


Runners and Parents,

There was excitement in the air as the cats jogged to the starting line for the District Race.  The steel grey clouds kept the sun at bay and temperatures in the forties.   The Medina course was dry and firm save for a few low spots.  The team was well rested coming off a bye week and as jittery as greyhounds about to chase a rabbit.  To paraphrase Goldilocks, "the conditions were  just right!"

After final instructions, the starter raised his pistol and  the race was on.  Wadsworth took the early lead, with Medina and  Ignatius  on their heels.  Coming off the second loop, Nick Saul took control and led the field into the final mile.  

With 800 meters to go, Steve Zucca made his move in to the lead, with Saul and Matt Blouch in tow.  Heading into the final curve, Zucca flipped on the afterburners and pulled away to claim his first varsity win with  a PR of 16:04!!  Nick Saul 16:18, Matt Blouch 16:21 (PR), Andrew Biehl 16:55, Nathan Soria 17:06, Logan Kijewski in 17:06 and Jack Mayer in 17:15 sealed the District title for the wildcats!!

Thanks for the huge fan base of parents, runners , alumni parents ( the Saunders) and my mom, aka Nanny (I had to include her) for supporting the team!

We travel to Youngstown Boardman for the Regional race @ 12:30 on 10/27.  Hope you can join us.

Earlier in the week, the JV team took on Mentor and St Ed's at Mastic Woods for their final race of the season.  The sun was setting and skies were threatening rain as the runners awaited the 5:45 start.  SJA Coach Kieser sent the runners to the line and off they went.  Ignatius trains on these trails , so it 's a home course for us.  St Ed's led the race until the final 400, when Elliot Rodstrom showed his sprinter's speed ( thanks to coach Wolf) and won the race in 17:13 (PR and letter).  The following scored for the team's victory.  Conor Geary 17:28, Alex Paliga 17:31, Will Leahy 17:35, Ben Crane 17:37 (PR and letter winner), Sean Freddy Becker 17:39 (PR), Dillon Bangasser 17:40 (PR and letter winner), Pat Krebs 17:45 (PR and letter winner) Joe Maloney 17:46 (PR letter winner), Luke Chesney 17:49 (PR letter winner), Andrew Eicher 17:52 (Letter winner) Tom Rochester 17:51 (PR letter winner) Tom Kilbane 17:53 (PR letter winner).  There were numerous PR 's in the race, see the attached results sheet.  Some runners did not turn in their cards.  Please send coach Stefancin ( your time so he can add to the team results sheet.

This week's schedule:

Monday:  Edgewater 3:30 - 5

Tuesday : Mastic       3:30 - 5

Wednesday : Edgewater 3:30 - 5

Thursday : Cedar Pt 3:30 - 5

Friday :  SIHS 3 - 4

Saturday :  Boardman 12:30  race time .  The team will travel together in vans.  Departure time TBD

Go Cats,