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Dr. Gallagher Report: Wildcats Earn 2nd at Stow

By Dr. Michael Gallagher '71, 10/08/18, 2:15PM EDT


Runners and parents,

You may have  noticed the unique rolling landscape on your drive out to Silver Springs Park.  With a little research I learned that much of the area was shaped by deposits from the most recent Ice Age.  Namely, large amounts of sand and gravel, called kame and esker formations left behind by the glaciers!  I should have paid more attention in Geology 101!

Race day temperatures were unseasonably warm and humid.  The recent rainfall had soaked the course, making it a challenging day for the runners.  The Cat's were looking forward to duplicating their victory at Strongsville over the  Explorers.  As expected, Ignatius and Hudson went right to the front, jockeying for position before funneling into a single track trail in the woods.  The race was tight until the 2 mile, when Hudson threw in a surge the Cat's couldn't cover.  That was the difference as Hudson turned the tables on the blue and gold to win 20 - 57.

Scoring for the cat's were: Nick Saul  16:51, Matt Blouch 17:06, Steve Zucca 17:10, Andrew Biehl 17:15, Nathan Soria 17:23, Aiden Monroe 17:45 (PR), Nick Mulhern 17:58, Jack Mayer, 18:24, Elliott Rodstrom 18:47.

While waiting for the JV/Open race, the sky opened up with a downpour like Niagra Falls, drenching fans, runners, and the course!  From the start, the race quickly turned into another Ignatius/ Hudson battle in the mud!  Peter Fitzpatrick found some mojo in the glacial moraine and scored a decisive win for the Cats in 17:53.  Connor McAndrew 18:08, Matt Kelly 18:27, Conor Geary 18:29,(who's shin was on the receiving end of a spike, required a trip to the ER and couple of 4.0 vicryl sutures to close the wound.  When I asked Connor if the injury was painful during the race, he replied, "pain don't hurt!"), Luke Chesney 18:47, Tom Rochester and Dillon Bangasser 18:51 scored for the cats.  In spite of the effort, Hudson prevailed 25 - 38.

Thanks again for the great turnout of parents and fans.  Check out the photos from Dan Drellishak and Dave Wilson. 

Please respond to the following link and let me know if you will be continuing to train to run the Mastick meet on Wednesday 10/17 .

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LINK: or email me back directly and let me know. 

We will have bus transportation on Tuesday only if needed. All other workouts will be at school.

The Mastic meet will be on 10/17 @ 5:30.  More details to follow next week

The District Championship race will be on 10/20 @ 11:45 am @ Ella Canavan School on 825 Lawrence St in Medina.

This week's schedule:  ***There is no mandatory practice for jv/ open and frosh runners.  You may still run the Mastick race if you decide to train on your own.

Monday: Mastick  3:30 - 5:00,  Varsity 9 from Stow race plus Fitz ,  McAndrew  and seniors who have their own transportation .  all others will run at school.  Fr Paul will coordinate the workout. 3 - 4 pm

Tuesday:  Edgewater 3:30 - 4:30, bus transportation provided

Wednesday:  PSAT  and Faculty Meeting.   All will run from school following early dismissal.

Thursday :  Cedar point . Varsity 11  3:30 - 5 .  All others run at school 3 - 4

Friday: SIHS 3 - 4

Saturday: Varsity only location TBA

Sunday: team mass @ 10 am ,brunch to follow  

Weight lifting Mon and Wed 6:45 am Varsity only

Go Cats!  and how about those Browns!!