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Alley Cats Drop Two Straight Matches, Advance to 2nd Round in Tourney

By Alex Gehrlein '19, 01/10/18, 8:45PM EST


This season, the Saint Ignatius varsity bowling team seems to be having trouble keeping up momentum.

In every article this writer pens, the tides have turned for the team, both positively and negatively. Fittingly, after a two-game winning streak, the Alley Cats have lost two in a row. First off in the Hubbard tournament, the team threw an impressive 2491 pins in the first round, allowing them to advance to the 2nd round, where they were ultimately eliminated.

Due to the winter holiday, the Wildcats were missing players, and after advancing from the first round, were extremely tired. Fatigue only increased into the second round, since the Alley Cats had no one to sub in.

Next, the Wildcats faced off against Westlake, maintaining a strong lead through the first two games, but ultimately lost in the third. Finishing up the winter break, the team battled against Olmsted Falls, winning the first of the three games. The Alley Cats maintained the lead in the second, but ultimately losing in the third.

The highlight of the match came from sophomore Alex Madeja, who threw a new personal best of 217 in the first game. It seems that the team has got its work cut out, but as the pattern has shown, the Wildcats rebound after a loss. Let’s just hope that once they get back on their feet, they are able to remain on the winning track.


Hubbard Tournament

Round One

Dylan Huss: 157

Noah Virant: 136

Ryan Wallenhorst: 185, 185

Vinny Doran: 209, 186

Anthony Doran: 179, 161

Alex Madeja: 144

Round One Baker Games

197, 132, 160, 156, 189

Round Two Baker Games

168, 182, 133, 146, 146, 160, 150, 177, 147, 157

Saint Ignatius v. Westlake

Andrew Fornadel: 150

Noah Virant: 158, 141,

Alex Madeja: 135, 189, 151

Anthony Doran: 169, 174, 180

Vinny Doran: 216, 202, 128

Ryan Wallenhorst: 163, 158, 117

Saint Ignatius vs. Olmsted Falls

Dylan Huss: 140

Vinny Doran: 145, 134, 171

Anthony Doran: 247, 148, 159

Alex Madeja: 217, 167