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Soccer Cats Defeat Milford; Medina Up Next in State Semifinal

By Gianluca DiGiacomo '22, 11/05/19, 4:00PM EST


On Saturday, the Wildcats took a long two-hour drive to Dublin, Ohio where they would meet the Milford Eagles in the Regional Final.

The Wildcats would line up in typical fashion as the Milford Eagles seemed to as well.

The Eagles had a very solid student section, as the Wildcats had a much smaller section, but it was much louder than the opposing side.

As the match kicked under way, the Wildcats continued to bring high intensity early on in the match. The Wildcats seemed to strike a sense of fear into their opponents, as they seem to do often with few exceptions.

At the 19 minute mark, the first goal of the game was scored. The Wildcats would bring a solid attack as the ball is played down the line to Matthew McLaughlin and close to the border of the 18-yard box. McLaughlin would play a lovely square pass across the middle to Everett Shorey, who slid into the ball as it flew into the net. A beautiful series of events gave the Wildcats an early lead.

Later in the half, with 7 minutes to play, the Wildcats would strike again. Matthew McLaughlin played in a corner, as it was headed away from the goal by a Milford defender, but surely not out of impending danger. The ball rolled to Theo Kudlo, as he tried a half-volley that would be miss hit but played into the air. Nolan Bartolone headed it behind him right in front of goal as Everett Shorey once again flew through the air to head it into the goal. Cats are now up 2-0.

As the second half was underway, the Cats struck first with a goal just 7 minutes into the half. A few solid passes from the Wildcats led to Matthew McLaughlin being found in the middle as he let a beautiful finesse shot from the top of the 18-yard box go into the back of the net for a 3-0 lead.

Just a minute later, Everett Shorey really sealed his fate of being a goal machine to the Wildcats program not only for this season, but for this program in its entirety. The keeper made a bad mistake as Shorey was in the right place at the right time. He chipped the keeper from a long way out as the Wildcats sealed the outcome.

But just to top it all off, the Wildcats knocked in another one. Kyle Folds hit an impressive shot with undeniable precision just outside of the 18-yard box to finish the match 5-0.

The Wildcats are now Regional Champs, as they will take on Medina on Wednesday at 7 pm at Brunswick High School.