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Soccer Cats Defeat Avon; Milford Up Next in Regional Final

By Gianluca DiGiacomo '22, 11/02/19, 9:45AM EDT


On Wednesday, the Saint Ignatius Wildcats lined up against the Avon Eagles at Brunswick Stadium on a chilly and rainy night yet again.

The Wildcats had a very good student section, it being substantially larger than their game on Saturday against North Royalton. The fans seemed to help en route to a 5-0 win. 

The Wildcats lined up in typical fashion, while Avon also did; as they did not make any substitutions, and stuck with a 3-5-2 formation throughout.

The game started with the Wildcats bringing out more intensity than I had anticipated, as the attacking third had much more urgency to score goals than they normally do in the beginning of a match.

With 17 minutes into the match, the Wildcats had already scored a goal. The Wildcats bring on a wonderful attack as Matthew McLaughlin and Everett Shorey play a feat of quick passes. McLaughlin plays an absolute beauty of an assist back to Shorey and Shorey buries it for the first goal. 

Three minutes later, the Cats’ prolific striker Everett Shorey knocks in another one. Shorey gets just into the 10-yard box and hits a wonderful shot with tremendous curve as it curves just out of the keeper’s reach as the Wildcats now had a 2-0 lead. 

Avon continued to try to bring on an attack, but those attacking chances were halted by the incredible back line that the Wildcats brought. 

With just under 10 seconds remaining in the first half, the Wildcats scored again. The ball was whipped into the middle where Matthew McLaughlin was there to hit an absolutely wonderful header as it soared over the keeper’s head and into the goal, Cats were then up 3-0.

After halftime, the game sort of slowed down as neither team was bringing much attacking, as the Wildcats controlled possession for a majority of the half.

Just 6 minutes into the half, the Wildcats would get another one off of an own goal, as they would take a comfortable 4-0 lead.

To finish it all off, Marko Rimac would score just 5 minutes later, and the game would finish 5-0.

The Wildcats will play the Milford Eagles on Saturday at 2 pm. in Columbus.