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Rugby Cat Senior Profile: Nate Previts

By Jacob Novak '19, 05/04/19, 9:15AM EDT


Nate Previts grew up in Old Brooklyn and attended St. Thomas Moore for grade school.

Nate, who is the youngest of four, lives with his sister and two brothers who are both alumni of Saint Ignatius. His older brother, Alex Previts ‘13, played rugby his senior year and first opened Nate’s eyes to rugby.

Nate was a manager for the rugby team last year. After watching last season, Nate had the urge to get out on the pitch and play. A large group of his friends played rugby, so Nate decided to learn how to play this past summer by being apart of the Saint Ignatius 7’s team.

“It’s awesome being able to play a sport with friends I made before playing. The whole culture of rugby is something special,” Previts said.

Nate’s dad was not in high spirits when Nate said he wanted to play, mainly due to the fact that players wear no pads, only a mouthguard. But eventually, Nate’s dad gave in and said Nate could play. Nate played wing during summer 7’s and was training to be a wing for when the team went back to 15’s in the spring.

To his surprise, Nate was moved to center early on in practice but he decided to go with his new position and adjusted easily.

“Practice obviously helped me to learn and get better but when I was able to play in a game that is when it was really clicking,” Nate said.

Unfortunately, Nate would suffer a injury in practice that would see him sidelined for the first few games this season. But so far, he has bounced back and made a difference in the starting 15. Nate always felt like he need to give a little extra to fit in as a player which only made him work harder.

Nate will be attending Cleveland State University in the fall. He is currently undecided currently as to his major, but he wants to work in the world of business.

Nate would like to thank the following people: “I want to continue to thank my mother. I lost her this past September and she continues to be the perfect example of getting up and continuing to push on (something she had to do my whole life basically). Also my Dad who continues to support my siblings and myself and giving us more than I could ever ask for. I wouldn’t be who I am without them.”