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Rugby Cats Fall Just Short Against Royal Irish in Columbus

By Jacob Novak '19, 05/01/19, 3:00PM EDT


This Saturday, the Wildcats zipped down to Columbus to welcome Cathedral (IN) to Ohio in a back and forth match that took place at Ohio State University. The Saint Ignatius A side fell just short, 31-27.

“The one person that stood out to me personally was Carl Felder ‘19 who was racking up tackles like never before, reaching above thirty,” said Declan McCarthy ‘19. “The game was back and forth, Cathedral would score a try and then the Wildcats would respond with a try of their own. The Wildcats defence played a tremendous game. Both offences played a great game as well, both teams scores came from either break away runs or a battle at the rucks at the 1 meter line.”

“They were very physical, very athletic, very fit, and played the game of rugby the way it supposed to be played,” Felder said. “I think both teams gave everything that they had and sometimes things went the right way and sometimes things went the other way, which happens in rugby. I think the team played great physically against Cathedral and I believe that we did everything in our power to go by our game plan. There was a few times where we might’ve not got the ball out fast enough or seen space were we could’ve passed the ball out to the backs in order for them to make huge play, but that happens. The things we need to work on are getting low on tackles, play more physical, pass where there is space, staying healthy, and just being mentally prepared for anything that happens in the game.I think if we do those things we would definitely beat them next time or any other team that we play.  For example, like a Moeller this Saturday.”

We hope to see you Saturday as the Wildcats face Archbishop Moeller at home on Wasmer Field. We will kickoff at 12:45 pm. The program will also be celebrating its seniors before this game at 12:30.